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Here you can access a range of courses and programs easily and in a flexible, interactive manner. We understand that you need a study solution that considers your lifestyle and delivered in a way which supports the way in which you learn.  There are a range of interactive tools such as power point, forums, and  you tube clips as well as more traditional form of content so that everyone is catered for.  Support is always nearby, and just a click away.

 Some of our programs are solely online; and others are blended in their delivery and designed to complement your training. Either way you can access the same high quality materials, and enjoy the same level of support no matter how you train with us. From anywhere, and anytime- Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the portal as there are a number of features designed to assist you in using it. 

    Available courses

    In a number of jurisdictions, monitoring a successful return to work (for both Same Employer and New Employer) is a requirement to confirm durability and success of the outcome, and to measure our RTW rates.

    In some jurisdictions, RTW rates are ONLY measured at the 13 week mark, so it is very important that we record the outcomes of our successful RTW SE and NE closures, at the 13 week mark.

    Please review this short recording, and then complete the brief competency based assessment (5 multiple choice questions). You will be required to achieve 100% on this task in order to receive successful completion.

    There are two new Konektiva Plus updates being released at once on 7 December 2018. 

    Because these releases provide a whole new level of functionality and it's good to understand exactly how it will work, the two videos in this training module have been developed to support the roll out.  

    The two releases are:

    • My Case - The new My Case page (which is really the new Home page for Konetkiva+) also has your billing charts that were in the banner, your table of billed hours that were on My Case, as well as some quick links to create new cases and go to Konekt Case. In time, notifications will show here too. Also, in preparation for turning off old Konektiva, we have brought across the menu structure, so it's easier to find the pages you're after (although for the ones in existing Konektiva, you can continue to use either the old or new menu structure – whichever is easier).
    • Case View - This view allows you to read all of case notes without having to click to open them, and also includes Med Certs and Documents in date order - so you can see everything that's happened in a case all in one view, without having to click backwards and forwards. And if you liked the preview mode, you can still view it in that mode and just click to expand the case notes or med certs you want to see. And of course, you can search or filter everything to make it easy to track down what you need

    There will be a future release of funding changes - watch this space for a future release of the following:

    • Funding - A new way to track Funding, which allows you to record funding service by service, or even under a particular code in a service. You can enter what is approved, and see what has been invoiced, what has been spent and any amounts remaining. In addition, there is a funding whiteboard, so you can enter in some free text details if you need to record something that the new system doesn't support.

    Konekt is bound by the Privacy Act (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles found in that Act. Any personal information we have about our clients should be carefully protected to ensure that their privacy is maintained.
    Personal information is information or opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.
    Konekt collects personal information for the purpose of providing injury management, injury prevention and occupational rehabilitation services.
    Our information consent forms authorise Konekt to collect and disclose a clients’ personal information, for the purposes of assessment and / or management of the injury / illness for which they have been referred to Konekt.
    Recent changes in our Information Consent Form (for workers compensation cases) has occurred, in line with the release of the next Konektiva+ Module.
    All consultants are required to complete this very brief module, followed by a short quiz, prior to Friday 19th October 2018.

    All consultants planning to work on Comcare jurisdiction cases MUST complete this mandatory training prior to commencing any service delivery. You will NOT have access to this training module unless your manager has submitted a request to communications@konekt.com.au asking for your enrolment.

    The competency based assessment task must be completed with a pass mark of 85% for the training to be completed.

    This refresher training for ethical billing practices should be completed by:

    • All Consultants, CSO's, EEO's and anyone else who bills for services in client files
    • All RSO's who complete file audits
    • All managers who monitor billing activities (unless already confident in the current Konekt National Billing Guidelines)

    The module will take 12-15 minutes to complete.

    Mandatory training for Fire Wardens at Konekt

    This short module (approximately 10 minutes in total) will help you to understand Konekt’s new net promotor score (NPS) survey for workers.


    Previously, we have only measured NPS with a small number of referrers. Let’s look at why we are now measuring the worker’s experience.

    In order to successfully complete this module, you will need to:

    • Watch the 8 minute presentation;
    • Review the attached supporting resources; and
    • Achieve 100% in the competency based assessment task (5 multiple choice questions).

    In line with the Konekt Mission of being Number One in Care, we are working towards improving the quality of our services right from the beginning.

    In order to achieve this, the procedure for Strategic Case Reviews (SCR's) has been amended to include a mandatory SCR after the initial assessment (and in some jurisdictions such as NSW, the first assessment of any type).

    Combined with this change, we are instituting a formal Subject Matter Expert (SME) panel to ensure that the advice you receive about a case at the first SCR is closely matched to the needs of that jurisdiction or customer.

    This short training module is designed to provide you with the background information about this change so that you can implement the new INA SCR process into your usual case management practice.

    richards course

    Pillars of Case Management Practice (or PCMP) was developed to provide Konekt Consultants with greater support and confidence for achieving excellence in case management.  Additionally, it is anticipated that provision of this training will drive results for Konekt clients that are reflective of Konekt providing services that are Number One in Care.

    The training is divided into 5 key modules (or pillars): Communication, Managing Self, Engagement, Assessment and Strategy.  It has also been designed with flexibility in mind: the sequential ordering of modules can vary depending on the needs and learning requirements of each individual Consultant.  That is, once all modules are available on Konekt Training, the modules don't have to be completed in order from one to five; they can be completed based on the priority training needs of the Consultant.  Additionally (and following discussion and approval from their Manager), Consultants can choose to complete only discrete sections of each module.  For example (using Module 1), a Consultant can choose to complete 'Report Writing' and / or 'Motivational Interviewing' and not have to complete 'Complaints and WeCare'.

    All staff are encouraged to initially review the training following its roll-out.  The training will then be specific to newly recruited Consultants.

    Welcome to Module 2 of the Pillars of Case Management Practice (or PCMP) Course in Konekt Training. 

     This Module focuses on Self-Leadership.  Self-Leadership is described as the skill and awareness of knowing who you are, what you are capable of achieving and how you can achieve your goals.  This incorporates insight and influence over your communication, emotions and behaviour in all aspects of life, not just work.  Bryant and Kazan, in 2012, summarised Self-Leadership as the process by which you “intentionally influence yourself to achieve your objectives” .

    This module covers a variety of topics associated with Self-Leadership, including effective time management, emotional intelligence, case urgency, workload planning and managing self.

    Welcome to Module 3 of the Pillars of Case Management Practice (or PCMP) Course in Konekt Training! 

    Engagement is described as the practice of interacting with, and influencing, a variety of stakeholders to the overall benefit of a project, claim, or initiative (APM, 2018b).  For the purposes of this module (and for specificity to Consultants) we’ll continue to use the term claim or case.  Case management is not a spectator sport. 

    This module covers a variety of topics associated with Engagement, including principles of engagement, stakeholder management, influencing through communication, case conferencing and improving our services using feedback. We hope that by reviewing this module you can further improve your stakeholder engagement and thus positively influence your case management practices.

    If you have previously completed Modules 1 and 2 of this training, you will notice a difference with this module.  We are trialling online completion for all related activities.  This is based on user feedback we have received and we hope this works better than writing or typing information on a page and then having to upload to the module activity.  We have still provided a workbook in case you like to follow along using written information. We won’t have a full outline of the activities in this workbook  however there is plenty of room to take notes. You can follow all of the modules in order, or watch the introduction first to unlock any of the other modules you wish to look at in your preferred order.

    MANAGER'S NOTE: as all questions are now on line, anyone with manager access can see some guidelines for answers in Konekt Training alongside the submitted responses. There is no manager's workbook due to the fact that the information is now easily accessible online.